The AI-powered data acquisition, management, and analysis platform

With the Pulse Labs platform, you can acquire custom multi-media data sets or connect to existing sources and process them with advanced machine learning models to drive business outcomes.


Acquire audio, video, and text data

With custom-built data acquisition solutions for automotive, home, and office environments, the platform provides the data you need, wherever it is found.


Connect to multiple existing data sets

The Pulse Labs platform can connect to existing data sets in all data formats, enabling you to combine and manage the data you need to get the insights you want.


Apply AI/ML models to analyze data at scale

The Pulse Labs proprietary AI data analysis models sort through your data to find and surface the information relevant to you—so you don’t have to waste time going through what isn’t.


Secure, private, and compliant

The Pulse Labs platform manages all data to make sure the only people who should have access do—and that every action is tracked and made available to appropriate managers and administrators.

The Pulse Labs platform is used in:



The Pulse Labs platform gives you a seat in the car with the driver, allowing automotive researchers and product managers to see how drivers really interact with their vehicles. It combines this driver behavioral data with telemetric data from the car and its software systems to gain a comprehensive understanding of what’s going on inside the car.

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The Pulse Labs platform provides enterprise government customers the ability to locate and access the right data at the right time—and ensure that any work done isn’t needlessly repeated by multiple workers. This provides a “one and done” solution, improving both efficiency and consistency, while machine learning models constantly learn how to improve the data finding process.

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Smart Technology

The Pulse Labs platform can put you in the home or on the go with smart technology users, providing a comprehensive solution for understanding consumer interactions with their mobile phones, televisions, smart speakers, smart home systems, and wearable devices. With Pulse Labs, you can understand the interactions between people and technology at every major touchpoint in our increasingly connected world.

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Our customers

Leaders in technology across the globe are using Pulse Labs’ platform. The platform has been used by Google, Amazon, automotive OEMs, and major mobility application companies to acquire and analyze their data.


Our investors

Pulse Labs has received investment backing from Google, Amazon, Bezos Expeditions, Techstars, and Madrona Ventures to build, develop, extend, and grow the platform. Pulse Labs is grateful for their support and the trust these major players have placed upon the platform.

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