Data Science Intern (Remote)

Pulse Labs is a venture-funded startup with investments from both Amazon and Google, providing user research, measurement, and analytics solutions to those creating the next generation of human-computer interfaces. The increasing prevalence of voice integrated technology in the home, the car, and portable devices is changing how people interact, and expect to interact, with technology. We work closely with the major voice platforms (Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.) as they create this new technology, as well as with developers from top brands building on these platforms.

Our work involves the creation, acquisition, and analysis of a great deal of data, and we’re looking for a talented and passionate intern with a talent for data science and a curiosity about using data to understand human interaction. In this position, you’ll be in charge of building models that take raw data, and produce accurate and actionable insights for our clients. These models will require a mix of natural language understanding, classification, and machine learning, and you will be required to learn and build quickly, and to take ownership of a major project with serious business stakeholders. It will be a fun journey, and will help shape the future of voice technology.

Key Responsibilities
Basic Qualifications
Preferred Qualifications

If you think you’re the person for whom we’re looking, email us and let us know at Please provide a cover letter and your resume, and specify you’re applying for the Data Science Intern position. We look forward to hearing from you!

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